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Cleaning Check List

I'm a sucker for a good planner and check lists. I had previously created an excel sheet with all my daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly cleaning tasks and it just got out of control, and I kept adding to it without realizing how many times I had one task in different areas. I decided to delete the whole thing and start over.

While searching for ideas on how to get my cleaning list back in order, I came across an etsy shop that had printable pages for cleaning for like $1 (not sponsored). So far, I have been loving the easy-to-use format and it can be printed in A5, which fits directly into my planner! I'm hoping that I'll eventually be able to have my check register, cleaning list, and daily agenda all in one, but so far, I have only found a cleaning list that seems to be perfect. Next is a daily agenda that I can fit all my information onto!

Below is an example of the cleaning list and the link to the etsy shop!

Master Cleaning Checklist Planner Zone Cleaning Planner - Etsy

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