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Becoming More Adventurous with Food

I don't know about you, but since I was younger, my mom had always made the same 5-6 dishes that everyone loves.


Frito Pies





So, as an adult I've followed her lead and have my favorite things to eat, never really getting out of my comfort zone with food.

Even if we go out to eat, my go to is always chicken strips and mashed potatoes because its consistent, its familiar and I know it's a hard dish to mess up haha!

Now that I am older with my own family, I noticed my kids getting into the same routine of only wanting the same things over and over. My husband basically only eats steaks and beef and I eat the foods I grew up with (tacos, Frito pies, etc.)

I want my kids to be excited to try new things (or at least open to it,) so I am taking a first step here and promising myself to try at least one new food a week and possibly add it into rotation with our other "usuals."

While scrolling through Door Dash, I came across a section titled, "most ordered dishes near you." I figured that is a good place to start my food adventures. We don't like fast food, so that left me with an Indian restaurant and a plate called "Murg Tikka Makhani." All I had to go off of was one picture and a short description: "Chicken kababs cooked in an herb and tomato sauce with a buttery taste." Sounds like something I would like, and its chicken, so it's not too far off from my usual chicken tenders haha! I figured chicken in tomato sauce sounds good, but it doesn't seem like enough to fill me up, so I started looking at the options it had for sides.... Let me tell you, I had to google every single side to see what it looked like and what it consisted of because I didn't understand one word of what I was reading! There were lots of options, but I chose to stick with the Garlic Naan which is similar to garlic bread (don't want to get TOO adventurous on my first round).

So, there it was, my first order of something I knew nothing about. When it arrived and I opened everything I was pleasantly surprised by the scent. I went one by one trying everything on its own before I started mixing things together. When eaten alone, things were okay, but when you put the chicken on the bread with the rice and a little bit of the green sauce, my goodness!

This dish got me super excited to get out of my comfort zone and try more dishes that I am not familiar with. I know they may not all be good, but this was an awesome start!

Also, if you know of any hidden gems, or recipes that may be out of the ordinary, feel free to send them my way!

PSA: I won't always know the correct way of eating some of these dishes so don't come for me if the chicken is not traditionally eaten on the bread, just educate me and move along please :)

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