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Adult Onesie!?

Okay... I will be the first to admit that when I first saw onesies for adults, I was a little thrown off. I saw these shirts becoming popular in stores and couldn't imagine ever wearing something that buttons at my crotch haha!


Maybe these are meh for everyday wear. They are a little annoying when it comes to using the bathroom if you're someone like me who waits to the very last minute.


These are amazing for office wear! The fact that they don't untuck every time I move has been a game changer!

When I dress up for work, I usually tuck my shirts in because it looks cleaner, but I always found myself having to check the mirror to make sure it wasn't untucked in the back, or that it didn't start to look "frumpy" throughout the day. With these shirts, I have been so much more comfortable not having to worry about my shirt looking any different than when I leave the house.

Overall, 10/10 would recommend! I bought this shirt in white and black, but I am having a hard time finding more that are work appropriate. So, if you know of any websites or stores that have these and don't reveal too much let me know!

How do you wear these?

  • With a thong

  • No Undies

  • With boy shorts

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